Do your Parts, Operators & Maintenance
manuals look like this?

Disorganised office space - Illustech - Centurion
Spare Parts manuals - Illustech - Centurion

Then it’s most likely that your Plant and
Equipment will end up like this?

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Rusted mining equipment dump - Illustech - Centurion

Spare parts are the bedrock on which operational reliability is built and valuable revenue earned, this requires appropriate storage, treatment of, and timely access to the required parts. Yet, spare parts are also the most overlooked contributor to reliability outcomes and loss of revenue. Research has shown that many companies routinely operate without properly implementing even the most fundamental aspects of spare parts management at their sites.

Digital Spare Parts Manual designed by Illustech - Centurion

By converting legacy content from paper catalogues and CDs into INTERACTIVE GRAPHICAL ELECTRONIC PARTS CATALOGUES which are internet based and can readily be used by maintenance and procurement personnel to allow for:

Rapid and easy to find parts information

Reduced asset down time by increasing maintenance efficiency

Accurate ordering and reduction in costs associated with excess stock

Thus preventing the significantly costly expense on spare parts for equipment due to incorrectly ordering and the debilitating loss of production as a result of spare parts mismanagement annually!

Programme example - Illustech - Centurion

Interactive graphical electronic parts catalogues are integrated within your business system to allow the procurement of parts directly from the catalogue, streamlining the procurement process and preventing free text purchases! Both the ERP system and the interactive graphical electronic parts catalogues are synchronised to ensure the integrity of the data.

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“We help successful Industries and Manufacturers who are hard pressed to keep production costs to a minimum, maintain operational efficiency,
productivity and to realise an untapped revenue stream from a well run aftermarket business”