Most maintenance and procurement is done using inferior paper catalogues or CD’s. These catalogues soon become obsolete as pages are removed and updates take place that are not recorded in the catalogues. Using these catalogues to carry out repairs and procure replacement parts for assets means you first have to find the correct manual, page through the document to find the correct part, write down the part number and rekey the part number into an order. Mistakes often occur when retyping these part numbers, causing costly delays and downtime while the correct parts are re-ordered!

Man manually searching for a catalogue - Illustech - Centurion
Stack of old, neglected manuals - Illustech - Centruion
Man working efficiently - Illustech - Centurion

Illustech has the capability to capture ALL information from paper-based parts catalogues and CD’s including the redrawing of exploded view diagrams to ensure crisp, clean, updated illustrations that can be modified and converted into interactive illustrated spare parts catalogues.

Convert 2D Engineering Drawings

Redraw Illustrations

Drawings from photographs

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